Operation: Red Rhino is a multiplayer First Person Shooter that aims to emulate a realistic battlefield by putting the objective and locale progression in the hands of the players.

Setting and Theme


Operation Red Rhino takes place during the height of the Congo Crisis in the early 1960s. During this time the civil unrest in the Congo served as an early Cold War battlefield in-which the United Nations and the Soviet Union vied for control of a territory boasting the world’s most uranium mines. The almost full blown civil war within the Congolese citizens, the divide between multiple governments, and the uneasy approach the United Nations took to blatant intervention provide the stage for Operation Red Rhino to be implemented by the United States.


Operation Red Rhino will focus on a fictional covert operation that the United States will employ in order to regain control of the Congo without the knowledge of the United Nations. The Cold War time period and brand new introductions of Special Operations Units such as the Navy SEALs will paint a realistic portrayal of legitimate happenings surrounding the Cold War while leaving the team free from restrictions regarding facts about specific objectives and results.


The chosen time period also acts as a way to vary our game from competitors based on the real-world limitations and advancements at the time when it comes to equipment and weaponry. The weaponry in the early 60s was caught in a weird limbo between World War 2 technology and Vietnam-era technology. With the fictional take on the mission and unit we will be able to incorporate some of the prototype R&D weapons from the era that never saw wide use, like the Special Purpose Individual Weapon.

Objectives and Level Design


The game will rely on maps built with a multitude of nodes or segments that act as the individual play spaces. Each node has not only its own objective but also has a lasting buff towards a team's final objective for as long as a team can hold that node.


Both teams will start in the middle node and the winning team from each round will choose which node to “attack” from there. Each node will have it’s own unique objective and correlating buff (i.e. Securing the Ammo Supply Point will award more initial spawn ammo) for the team that holds it for as long as they hold it. No matter the direction a team decides to advance on the map the ultimate goal will always be to drive the opposing team from their “base” node. Doing so will result in the match ending in a victory for the aggressing team.